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    If you are looking forward to a fairy tale wedding and wonder where to solemnize it. Look to the east and come to India. Rajasthan, the royal Indian state is the perfect venue for dream weddings. The state's history is steeped in Rajput bravery and opulence. Rajasthan is a place, where kings and queens had a lavish lifestyle. Living in big palaces with all the luxury and comforts, the royalty had a lifestyle that was envy of neighboring kingdoms. The various palaces and mansions in Rajasthan are the living proof of the royal ways of the nobles and royalty in Rajasthan.

    Come to Rajasthan and step back in time to recreate the magic of royal weddings. Rajasthan the land of romance and chivalry is a perfect venue for the celebration of the union, most sacred to mankind. Rajasthan offers you an ambience and landscape like no other place in the world. The state has majestic forts and palaces, which offer a wonderful backdrop for a regal wedding. Most of the palaces and forts, now converted into heritage hotels are popular venues for dream weddings in Rajasthan.

    Rajasthan offers plethora of options when it comes to select a wedding venue. You can choose from most popular tourist destinations to sleepy countryside places. Some of the popular wedding destinations in Rajasthan include Udaipur, Devigarh, Jaipur, Mandawa, Jodhpur, Neemrana and Jaisalmer. Some of the major heritage hotels and palace hotels popular for weddings include Rambagh Palace, Samode Haveli, Jai Mahal Palace and Oberoi Rajvilas in Jaipur; Taj Lake Palace, Jagat Niwas Palace, Oberoi Udaivilas, Shiv Niwas Palace and Fateh Prakash Palace in Udaipur; and Ajit Bhawan Palace, Umaid Bhawan Palace and Taj Hari Mahal in Jodhpur.

    Wedding in Rajasthan is a lifetime experience. If you like, you may include elephants, horses, and camels to add that royal touch to your wedding. The beautifully caparisoned elephants, horses and camels marching in front of baraat procession make for a pretty sight. The venue of the wedding, which in most cases happen to be a palace is decorated with flowers and lights. Guests are offered luxury accommodation in the palace hotels, from where they march in a royal procession to the wedding venue. The caparisoned elephants welcome the guests at the gate. No doubt Rajasthan is a dream-wedding destination for the rich and famous.

    Wedding Tour in Rajasthan

    The day & event of marriage is a singular moment in the history of person, marking a new beginning for years. And, as the earth turns, many millions of people in many lands celebrate in extraordinary ways; the gift of life, and the endless stream of time.

    Planning Your Ceremony
    Selecting floral arrangements, creating atmosphere through music, preparing a celebratory meal symbolizing abundance and most importantly, choosing the perfect venue. In the Planning Your Ceremony section of our site, you’ll discover valuable information regarding our facilities, wedding packages, ceremonies and our fabulous essential luxuries guaranteed to enhance your celebration.

    Ceremony Location
    The Hotels have beautiful Indoor as well as outdoor venues, which guest can select for their ceremonies, and the guest has too many choice of venues so that he doesn't have to do the repetition while selecting the locations for various functions.

    Ceremony Details
    We have a team of expert event planners who can guide you with the planning and management of most type of wedding whether it will be Rajput Wedding, Hindu Wedding, Christian wedding, or any other kind of wedding or events. We have team that believes in perfection, you just have to tell them your requirements and they'll arrange it with best quality and results.

    Royal Rajput Wedding
    Jaipur is famous land of Maharaja’s and their rich and famous weddings. The Rajput Wedding experience is one of its own kind and that too if it is Royal Rajput Wedding we will take you to the dreamland, in the land of Kings and Queens, Maharajas and Maharani's with a whole big line of Decorated Animals like elephants, camels, horses, Butlers, Soldiers, Flowers, fireworks and ichness nd royalty everywhere. You will actually be getting married like a real Maharaja or Maharani as the palace has been a place of real life Royal weddings for more then last 280 years.

    Hindu Wedding

    Sagai Samaroh
    In Hindu Wedding Sagai (Engagement) is a very important ceremony in which the bride and the groom exchange their rings, which means that now both of them are connected with each other and cannot leave each other. We do this Samaroh (Ceremony) on Central Square with Flower Decoration and Fireworks to make the whole ceremony an extraordinary event.

    Mehandi Raat
    This ceremony is done in the night time when the henna artist applies Mehandi (Henna ) on the hands of both Bride and the Groom which in Hindu Dharma is a very auspicious ceremony .We decorate special Jhoola for this with Silver Chair on all sides The Groom and the Bride sits on the Jhoola and the Henna artists on Silver Chair to apply Mehandi.

    Sangeet Sandhya
    This ceremony shows the joy and happiness of the relatives of the bride and the groom and the feelings become so high that they show their feelings by singing and dancing. We suggest our Back Lawns (Maharani Bagh ) as the perfect location for this function and we made a special layout of Gadda, Masand Seating for the guest with colorful theme for this ceremony with big Dance Stage and One Reception Stage for Bride and Groom The entertainment parties are a very important part in this.

    Now the next day will be the day of actual wedding ceremony. We suggest special Lawazama of Elephants, Camels, Horses, Men with Mashal , Men with Bhala and Oil torches with Folk Dance Party will make the whole wedding procession a event and the Baratis will enjoy dancing with the music and sound of Indian Wedding Brass Band. This Baraat shows the richness and prosperity of grooms side and people assume that the Baraat will be of some King / Maharaja of any dynasty. The brides family feels proud of it.

    When the groom with his Baraat reaches to brides place, they are welcomed by showers of rose petals and each guest is individually greeted with aarti, tikka and Milni Malas of Jasmine and Mogra , sprays and showers of rose petal. They all come inside . We suggest Royal Chattar and Chanvar of the Groom and Red Chnnu covering for the bride along with her friends for this ceremony and they have to meet each other at Central Square to exchange fresh Flowers Garlands with fireworks from all sides.

    After Varmala the couple will go to the Mandap specially decorated with flowers for the auspicious and most important ceremony in Hindu Wedding is called Pheras in which they couple will take 7 Rounds of the fire and will take wedding vows to make their wedding legally and morally complete.

    Doli Vidai
    This is the last ceremony in Hindu Wedding when the relatives of bride are unhappy and the relatives of groom became happy because they will take the beloved daughter of the girls relatives with them to make her their own daughter . We suggest this Vidai / Farewell in our special Doli Kindly make a space for pictures with each ceremony.